20 Sep 2016

Wiesner - True Professiona

Jeremy Wiesner is a true professional. Knowledgeable, reliable, efficient, organised, experienced, committed and a brilliant communicator. A real estate agent who really makes you feel like a valued client. Jeremy came highly recommended to us by our conveyancer. We had to make a quick decision on our agent choice as our first child was to be born a week later. Not ideal timing for selling a property. Upon first meeting Jeremy, we were impressed by his honesty, enthusiasm, knowledge of the market and his creativity. He was the only agent who provided an alternate marketing strategy that was sensitive to our budgeting requirements. He also set out realistic expectations for the selling of our property in terms of the price guide and type of buyers that would be interested. We were very impressed by our initial meeting with Jeremy and decided to choose him as our agent to sell our unit. We handed him the keys and he genuinely took care of everything else. Jeremy’s exceptional communication skills meant we were always informed and updated on all the openings and the potential buyers. He always stayed one step ahead and on top of things. When it came to the business end of closing the deal, Jeremy really demonstrated his industry experience and negotiating skills. We were meant to go to auction, however the day before the scheduled auction, Jeremy managed to secure an excellent offer from a buyer at 9pm. His commitment and determination really shone through as he arrived at our place at 10pm to sign the offer. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the experience we’ve had with Jeremy. His personable approach has made the whole selling process less stressful than we expected and surprisingly enjoyable. Even after the property had been sold he still continues to deliver incredible service onwards to settlement date. We cannot recommend Jeremy Wiesner highly enough! Keep up the amazing work Jeremy.

Daniel Hurwitz